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We are proud of the efforts and excellent work ethic of our students. In order to recognize their hard work and to show our appreciation, we have developed our Student of the Month program.

Michigan College of Beauty - School of Cosmetology

February Student of the Month

Moira Frazier visits Michigan College of Beauty

Brianna Brockman

Our Student of the month for February is Brianna Brockman! 👏💙 She is in the Cosmetology Program. She will graduate February 14th of this year. She said that people who know me describe me as, "uplifting, easygoing, and fun to talk to"! She said "before MCB she was a stay-at-home stepmom striving for her GED". She also says," The best thing about MCB is the many opportunities I have to try now!

When I asked her about the instructors at MCB her reply was," They are full of encouragement and push you to try things you're scared of".

In 3 years she sees herself as running a building and being her own boss. Her place is going to be called (Perms by Bree). Her advice for any person thinking about a career as a salon professional is, "It's not going to be easy, but nothing good comes easy, if you like making people beautiful this is the career for you".

All the instructors are going to miss Bree so much. She is such a hard-working individual who enjoys what she's doing, and is always there to jump up to the plate when you ever need anything! Congratulations Bree!

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